Events listed in Red are AMCC Saction events, in Blue are Non-saction events, in Green are US Holidays

Parameters of the Calendar listing: AMCC member Clubs are ask to submit a list of upcoming events taking place over a six (6) month period. This list should be submitted to the Vice-President not later than thirty (30) days prior to each meeting. To see a exception to this policy are: General Business Meetings; E-Board Meetings; Local area bar nights (club nights, socials); Invitational events; Motorcycle rides organized primarily for the members of that member club; Any activity a member club may hold for the exclusive participation of its members; may be listed on the Non-Sanctioned Events Calendar even if the event occurs at the same time as a sanctioned event.

To add events to this Calendar, e-mail the Vice-President of the AMCC Events Calendar Request. This Calendar is updated on the Monday prior to an AMCC meeting.