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The following documents are FAQ's Answers and Questions and downloadable documents: FLYER's & FAQ's, and the RUN and EVENTS SURVIVAL KIT are available for use and distribution of AMCC Member Clubs.



QUESTION: Why join the AMCC?

ANSWER: For over 30 years as an organization, the AMCC has realized the goals it set for its members. It fosters brotherhood both within its member clubs and throughout the leather/levi community through a wide variety of activities, fund raising events, civic awareness and action. It encourages and promotes inter-club communications both to further information dissemination and to exchange views on issues similar among “backpatch” organizations. When a member club so requests it, the AMCC will help the club with issue resolution. The AMCC promotes support of each member club through attendance at runs and events and it promotes solidarity within the leather/levi community through outreach activities.

QUESTION: How does a club become a member of the AMCC?

ANSWER: A request for membership must be made to the AMCC Secretary in writing certifying interest in joining, certifying at least 10 active members (this number or more will be in the club upon becoming an AMCC member), certifying formal existence for at least 1 year at the time the petition for membership is made, and certifying agreement to abide by the AMCC Articles of Agreement. The prospective member club must secure the sponsorship of 2 voting member clubs and must be nominated for membership at an AMCC meeting. At the meeting following the nomination, the prospective member club must receive an 80% positive vote in order to become a member.

QUESTION: What are AMCC membership requirements?

ANSWER: All AMCC member clubs must attend at least 1 Council meeting every 2 years and certify their membership number annually. Member clubs are expected to cooperate in the financial decisions of the AMCC. Member clubs are expected to observe the Articles of Agreement, especially Article VIII which describes how sanctioned events are granted.

QUESTION: What is expected of an AMCC member club?

ANSWER: An AMCC member club is expected to attend AMCC member club runs and events as far as practical as well as AMCC meetings. Member clubs are expected to resolve any inter-club issues promptly and amicably.

QUESTION: What should a member club expect of the AMCC?

ANSWER: AMCC member clubs should expect the AMCC to avoid intrusion into their internal affairs. They should expect equitable opportunity to secure a desired sanction date as well as sanction date security. Multiple sanctions may also be available on any given date within specified mileage parameters. Member clubs should participate in ongoing and comprehensive information sharing with the Council and among clubs.


The links below will take you to where you can view and/or download a copy of the AMCC Membership Flyer and FAQs. This is only for the use of AMCC member clubs who would like a copy for distribution and/or for insertion as an ad in a run book or other publication.

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The AMCC Membership Flyer and FAQs are the exclusive property of AMCC’76, Inc. and may not be used by non-AMCC-members for any purpose whatsoever unless written permission is obtained. To request permission, e-mail: Flyer Permission Request


The AMCC has created a Run and Event Survival Kit. This is a planning guide to be used as necessary. It does not tell you what to plan. It suggests how to organize and plan whatever run, event, anniversary, etc. you may have in mind to offer.

You need a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view the file. If you do not have it, use this link to download a free copy.

The Survival Kit is the property of AMCC’76, Inc. It may be hard copied in whole or part. You must attribute its use. You may send an e-mail to: Survival Kit Comments if you have comments.